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Having worked in the “Party Plan” business on and off my entire life and working alongside my mother’s very successful Network Marketing business I realized that having your own business and having the freedom and the flexibility and the unlimited income opportunity that “Party Plan” offers was the only way to go.

solo frangipani nbgIt was while working with my mother that we got to travel to Bali where we fell in love with the people and their gorgeous product and with our already love of gardens and in particular Tropical Gardens it was easy for us to take up the challenge to start our own business in 2003 when an opportunity came up.

On the way to the Caboolture markets one Sunday morning I noticed some beautiful pots on the footpath that led to meeting a wonderful couple who was wanting to retire Jack and Uta. Anyway long story short we decided that our Dream had come true to start our own “Party Plan” business.

Very excited of our new adventure we put all our time and effort into our showroom/warehouse in Caboolture just north of Brisbane. I started promoting our “Party Plan” business through our warehouse and travelling to peoples homes sharing our beautiful product to our customers while continuing to have a retail outlet as well – 7 days a week. But………After a few years we both realized that this is not what we had in mind. We hardly had time for ourselves let alone our own grown up family and at that time our new grandson. Family is a huge part of both our lives and when grandchildren started to come along we realized that we wanted to be part of their lives as well. At the time my mother and father was selling their beautiful Tropical Garden Home and realized what a lovely setting for our product. So now we are operating from our Home just like “Party Planners” do. Having the flexibility and freedom of working when we want to work, while continuing to promote our business and helping our every increasing group of consultants who now also “Work from Home” in their own Party Plan business.

Every year we travel together to Bali and beyond to search for unique home wares to introduce to our customers. We go straight to the villages where the product is being made making sure that our money is going direct to them and their families, having no middle man/agent who in most cases, takes most of the money. We work in very closely with these families where the entire villages work together using local materials and techniques passed down from generations. All of our products are hand made thus each piece may be slightly different giving each piece its own authenticity.

We are firm believers that a career in a “Party Plan” business allows you to work around YOUR family. SO if you’re grandparents like us or a young mum who would like to get back into the work force but not committing to a 9-5pm job or simply looking for more flexibility, this is the CAREER for you.

solo frangipani nbgWe invite you to learn more about Juta Bali. We not only invite you to shop, but to Host a “Bali Party”, or better yet, try your hand at the lucrative and rewarding career with us. The bottom line Juta Bali wants to help you “Create your world” so your dream is fulfilled.

Thanks so much for being part of our dream.

Debbie Appleton - Juta Bali Owner

Kindest Regards

Debbie & Chris Appleton