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Juta Bali offer in-home product presentations in the comfort of your home. We have consultants based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast. Sit back and relax with friends. We believe we have something to suit your home, garden or office and within your budget.

We Love Our Hostesses!!!!!

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And we truly appreciate you!!!!. That’s why, every month we offer At-Home exclusives just for you and your guests. What better way to say “thanks” for spending time with us, and inviting your friends along for all the fun? When you see all the great HomeWares you’ll receive for hosting, you’ll be so happy you chose to Party with us.

Your Bali Party is a great reason to connect with friends you see all the time, and those people you’d like to see more often. It’s also a good way to meet new neighbours or parents of your child’s school friends. And who wouldn’t want to shop At Home away from the busy shopping malls. Remember, that everyone likes to be invited to join in on the fun!!!

Once you host your own Bali Party, we know you’ll host time and again because of all the great rewards you received and all the fun you had connecting with friends! Here’s a glimpse of all you can receive as a Hostess.


Hostess & Customer Incentives

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By simply hosting a Juta Bali Party, you receive a FREE Gift on day of your party. This is our way of saying THANK YOU.

10% FREE

Another bonus of hosting a party is that you get 10% of your total Party Sales to spend on your choice of Juta Bali Products on the day of your party. This can be used against full price items only.

$10 Booking Voucher

For each party booked from your party you will receive a $10 Booking voucher to spend at each of the parties booked.

For Parties OVER $650 PLUS 2 party bookings – RECEIVE – 1 x full price item at ½ price*

For Parties with OVER $850 in sales PLUS 2 Bookings – RECEIVE – 2 x full price items at  ½ price*

For Parties with OVER $850 in sales PLUS 3 bookings – RECEIVE – 3 x full price items at ½ price*

For Parties with OVER $850 in sales PLUS 4 bookings – RECEIVE – 4 x full price items at ½ price*

* All parties need to be held within 1 month, from your party, at which you can order you ½ price item/s.


solo frangipani nbgPhone 07 3888 6519 or 0401 458 258 to book your own Bali Party.

Helping you to decorate – Bali Style


Here you can download your own invites or our full product catalog

Party Plan Invite pdf (Feel free to print out and give to your friends)

Full Product Catalog (Please be patient as this is a large PDF – the wait is worth it)